requiem for a deathmask
24 year old female. Student. Hardcore internet lover. Amateur artist. Bacon junkie. Gifted in exporting licorice for fun and profit. I once fought an entire hoard of zombies single handedly. Spent childhood supervising the production of Magic 8-Balls with no outside help.

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When the cashier hold’s up your $20 to see if it’s real


Well fucking excuse me for not wanting to be fucking fired for taking in a fake bill. Seriously you know how many fake bills we…

Actually I find it annoying when people do that tbh… its always “I just printed that this morning” and its agitating because in the neighborhood I work… you can’t tell.

At my summer job some lady came through the drive thru with a counterfeit five. The customer didn’t even realize it was fake. 

I heard a lot of those lines this summer. They got real old, real fast.





You know what?

I’ll take it one step further.

I don’t care about men, their feelings, or any of their thoughts, feminist or whatever.

And oh shut up. I am dating one and adore him. And he is fully aware I hate men and he 100% ok with it.

Because men are the actual worst.


I… how… what?

So basically you’re in an abusive relationship, as the abuser.


im also not entirley w the “conditional male privilege” thing like

trans men have male privilege, by virtue of being men

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