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Imagine a successful surgeon preparing to operate. Now imagine a pro sports player, dropping back to throw a pass. Now imagine a high level politician, standing tall and proud as he prepares to make a speech.

These are some of the most successful people you can be. But, I bet all those images in your head were men.

Now imagine a scantily dressed model posing in the seasons newest bikini. Imagine a busty porn star who you know is broken deep down, and imagine a barista working the window for minimum wage at a coffee place.

These are degrading jobs, and ones i wouldnt wish on my worst enemy. But, I bet all of the images you got in your heads were of women, not men.

The fact that you imagined the respective genders when reading off the descriptions is why we need feminism. And if you believe women deserve to have equal oppurtunity for the further up jobs, then you are a feminist. Pure and simple.

A surgeon can be either gender. “throwing  a pass” most likely refers to football a sport with an overwhelming amount of male players and fans. You gave the politician male pronouns. Of course I’m going to imagine a man.

Male models don’t wear bikinis. Cis men can be porn stars (and are paid a lot less too) but they cannot be “busty.” Of course I’m going to imagine a woman, because you described them as women. Are you that dense?

Never mind the fact that me imagining a female model (who get’s paid a shitload of money by the way) when you deliberately described one isn’t why we need feminism. Women already have the same job opportunities as men, they just choose not to take them. A surgeon and a barista make different amounts for a reason.

Heya, just saying... A reason that many women disapprove of Barbies is that they were actually made for men as erotic sex doll-esque gifts. Which is fine but its kind of not cool to be giving them to impressionable young girls, in my opinion.



They were designed by Ruth Handler (one of the main owners of Mattel) in the fifties and named after her daughter Barbara.  Her intention?  So little girls could have an independantly wealthy, glamourous persona to project themselves onto.  They may have been based off Bild Lili, a german doll that was meant for adult collectors since she was based on a risque comic for adults, but she only came with one outfit: if you wanted more then one outfit you had to buy another doll.  Barbie was made with the intention of having a customisable wardrobe so little girls could play with her better.

They were not made of erotic sex doll gifts.  They are a child’s plaything from the start. -

Not to mention the fact that there was an astronaut Barbie years before there was an actual woman astronaut.




"Cancer/mental illness/disability affects rich and poor alike."

Uh, no, it doesn’t. Rich people can afford the treatments and accommodations for those things. Poor people cannot. Get the fuck outta here with that classist shit.

Not to mention a higher proportion of disabled people are in poverty and people in manual jobs are more likely to become disabled, there is a class element to disability that cannot be ignored.


Yeah, all that fame and fortune really helped Kurt Cobain, Christopher Reeve, Robin Williams, and Heath Ledger.

Of course there is a class element to disability, but saying disability and mental illness doesn’t discriminate is not classism.





Have you seen The Giver Film? What did you think? There are strong pro-life themes:

Murder is a legal term.
Abortion is a medical procedure.

Dr. Mengele performed a lot of gruesome medical procedures at Auschwitz that were perfectly legal too. If your definition of murder excludes the dissection of Jews during the Holocaust, then it’s probably a bad definition. As Martin Luther King Jr. put it: “We should never forget that everything Adolf Hitler did in Germany was ‘legal.’”
There is a deeper law, which transcends man’s civil law and remains true in all times and places, that teaches it is wrong to intentionally kill an innocent person. To do so is murder.

I said that murder is a legal term.  I never said that murder is legal. Dr. Mengle’s preformed torturous experiments on unwilling participants to women who chose to have an elective procedure. You’re comparing women making a medical decision to Nazi genocide. The woman’s motives for terminating a pregnancy are not in comparable to those responsible to the holocaust. Comparing abortion to the Nazi holocaust, or any other form of genocide for that matter, is misleading at best.
What the hell is happening??


So about a month ago I posted to the #YesAllWomen hashtag on twitter & spoke openly as a rape victim. When I did this, I got inundated with a ton of harassment & rape threats.

Most of the time my response would be to block & report, but once in a while I’d take a screenshot of what the person said & then reply telling them to fuck off eternally into the night, etc. One of the people who harassed me for speaking up about my rape happened to be a 13 year old kid. I did not know this, because I was getting hundreds of replies & I don’t thoroughly investigate every account with 15 followers that responds to me with bullshit. I responded with this scathing little gem

& then a follower of mine, I guess looked at this person’s account & saw it was a kid who had recently posted a link to his personal facebook. The kid’s entire timeline at that time was him responding to/trolling the #YesAllWomen hashtag, arguing with rape victims & condemning feminism, you know, because that’s the world we live in right now. So this guy, crushingbort responded to a separate tweet the kid made about how comedians who make rape jokes are totally cool, & he posted a picture of the kid hugging his cat from his facebook, saying something like, “Joshua, you should really lock your facebook” or something. I thought this was hilarious because honestly, if you’re big boy enough to harass rape victims for being raped, you’re big boy enough to deal with the consequences. I had nothing to do with this, though. Then, about a month later, some pathetic Men’s Rights Activists found this exchange & went fucking ballistic, focusing all their rage on me, saying I “sexually harassed a child”, that I “doxxed a child” (I had nothing to do with the posting of his photo, but that’s not even doxxing at all, the kid himself said this). They went on a crusade against me using this kid as a flimsy excuse because they hate women & want to punish them. I received a ton of rape threats & even death threats.

I had to lock my twitter account to slow it down because I was getting about 4 per minute. They posted my personal information on 4chan & apparently attempted to post my little sister’s information too, but that was a tip I got & I didn’t see it anywhere so I’m not sure if it really happened. I started reporting all the threats to the FBI & got set up with a civil rights attorney, but a judge said I wouldn’t get the result I was hoping for unless the threats were “more direct”, like mentioning my location within the threat, my personal information within the threat, etc. 

The kid himself knows that these MRAs are using him as an excuse to persecute women for whatever reason, & has told them to lay off, but you can’t reason with these idiots.

I’ve started ignoring it & they’ve eased up on the threats & have moved on to filing false reports with the Houston police department trying to say that I’m a pedophile or a child abuser & trying to blackmail me for being a child abuser or some shit, but that doesn’t bother me because it’s obviously all false. 

So essentially, this is just what women with a voice have to deal with online. This is all because I spoke up about rape & being a rape victim, & this is just what I have to expect now. If I get any other threats that are “direct enough”, I’ll definitely jump on pursuing it legally, but until then, this is just what I’m dealing with. NEAT, HUH?!!?!?

So you and your followers didn’t respond to a 13 year old kid’s retweet with threats of violence and snide comments about his genitals?

A bunch of your beta white knight followers made sexual remarks and threatened the safety of an underage child.

It’s terrible that you’re getting death threats. But you have to step aside for a second and think about why you are getting these threats. It’s because you thought it was funny that your followers doxxed and harassed a teenage boy. You don’t deserve death and rape threats and neither did that kid. But you played a role in that online lynch mob and you need to own up and apologize (sincerely) for it.

I honestly think rape is hilarious.




Cool story, Jordan Bellomy from Columbus Ohio.  I sure hope you become less of a massive misogynist shithead once you’ve finished your growth spurt.  Hope this message doesn’t follow you around in future education and career paths, considering your real name is attached to it.  Have a good puberty!


Send me proof that you successfully kept this kid from becoming a date-raping womanizing misogynist, and I’ll send you ten dolla

Are you implying that it’s MY responsibility to parent this obviously under-educated little boy?

(Oh and PS, I see some people have found and posted his address or reblogged posts with his address. DO NOT DO THIS.  TAKE THOSE POSTS DOWN NOW.)

You do realize that these are fake blogs made to troll you. And that if there is a real Jordan Bellomy, that he most likely had nothing to do with this and you just dragged an innocent person’s name though the mud?


appropriate white culture. dance offbeat at the club. scream at your barista when she doesn’t put enough splenda in your latte. clap at the movie theater when the credits roll. put your child on a leash.

What is it with Tumblr’s belief that only white people do stupid shit?

Talking to self-important men


Man: Wow, rape culture is such a huge problem these days! We really need to—
Me: No. Shut up. Stop talking.
Man: But but I agree with you! Rape culture! Down with the patr—
Me: Rape culture is a problem that WOMEN deal with on a daily basis, and is perpetuated by men like you. Stop trying to penetrate yourself into a movement you’re inherently opposed to, just to show off your “moral superiority” and receive praise.
Man: Whatever bitch. No one would ever fuck your ugly body anyway.
Me: And you wonder why I need feminism?

You seem to be implying that only women are victims of rape and that only men are rapists. Do you know what that means if that’s the case? It means that you’re perpetuating rape culture too. Rape culture was a term coined in male prisons to explain society’s disregard for prison rape.

There is no such thing as “#rape cultural appropriation” you dumbass. Anyone can be raped. Quite erasing people who don’t fit into your little box of cis female rape victims.

You don’t need feminism. You need to stop ostracizing people based on their gender, quit accusing all men of being “inherently opposed” to you, and quit acting like an asshole.

"Why do men feel threatened by women?" I asked a male friend of mine. […] "I mean," I said, "men are bigger, most of the time, they can run faster, strangle better, and they have on the average a lot more money and power."

"They’re afraid women will laugh at them," he said. "Undercut their world view."

Then I asked some women students in a quickie poetry seminar I was giving, “Why do women feel threatened by men?”

"They’re afraid of being killed," they said.

Margaret Atwood, Writing the Male Character (1982)

Men are far more likely to be victims of homicide and assault than women.

(Source: sprightlymind)